How do you design a vending machine in Ruby


🤖 Code Explanation



def isNumeric?(str)
false # not numeric

This is a class definition for a VendingMachine. It has three instance variables, @total_amount, @item_price, and @item_name. The initialize method is called when a new object of the class is created. It takes two arguments, item_name and item_price, and sets the instance variables to the values of the arguments. The insert method is used to add money to the machine. It takes one argument, amount, and adds it to the @total_amount instance variable. The refund? method is used to check if the machine can refund a customer. It takes one argument, amount, and checks if it is greater than the @total_amount, less than 0, nil, an empty string, or not a number. If any of these conditions are met,

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