How do you design a vending machine in Swift


🤖 Code Explanation

In this code, there is a VendingMachine struct with an enum named VendingMachineError. This enum has three cases: invalidSelection, insufficientFunds, and outOfStock. There is also an Item struct which has two properties: price and count.

The VendingMachine struct has a property called inventory, which is a dictionary of type [String: Item]. This dictionary has three key-value pairs, each representing a snack and its corresponding price and count. The VendingMachine struct also has a property called coinsDeposited, which represents the number of coins that have been deposited into the vending machine.

There is a method in the VendingMachine struct called dispenseSnack. This method takes in a string representing the snack that the user has selected. The method then uses guard statements to check if the snack exists in the vending machine's inventory, if there are any of the snack left, and if the user has deposited enough coins

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